Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buddy-up This Year and Be Successful

Starting something new and creating a new behavior or habit from it can be very difficult. Often an idea can spark you to move, but keeping on track is a whole other beast!!
New behaviors require not only action, but also continued thought change. The reason you weren't doing it before was because of your thoughts about it. For instance if you have an attitude of dislike toward working out, then if you start, you will find all sorts of reasons (thoughts) to help back-up your position of why you shouldn't go.
Of course, hiring a professional trainer can help you have a scheduled time to go giving you reason to be there, and we can also help you with accountability. However, if you add one or two friends into the mix, you can increase your chances of staying with it.
On days when you just don't feel like going, there will be someone to encourage you other than your trainer. You might feel worse cancelling on a friend than just a hired trainer and hopefully when your down, your friend will be up and pull you along. Also, buddy training makes training so much more affordable and yet you are still getting a great education & support system from your trainer. You will feel special having such a thing in your life and you will really create a lasting bond with your friend (or family member). So don't delay, get started today with a friend.

Laura Fortino
Bella Body & Mind of Huntington Beach

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