Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Foods and their calories are upon us!!!

It is that time of year when there seems to be food, especially sweets, around every corner. I have discovered that even people who do not celebrate Holidays still suffer from the extra calories that seem to be everywhere.
At coffee shops there are tempting peppermint drinks that often have whip cream or some other sugary substance, and of course all the tempting cookies, cakes & bars that they show in the case. Fast food places (which you should not be at) offer specialty shakes that seem to call out at the Holidays. Friends bring sweet treats to share to the workplace and so many workplace holiday events or happy hours. There are many parties with alcohol, cakes, pies, cookies, layered dishes, etc.....where are the vegetables? Oh, I see a few being dipped in ranch or smothered with cheese.
This is the reality of food at this time of the year and the other reality that often goes along with it is that people indulge. We consume more than we would. The weather isn't as nice to get out and get a little exercise and all the weight we have kept away all year long from our slowing metabolisms seems to jump aboard in a few short months. We can't let this happen this year, or any year actually.
There are some simple solutions for handling this problem. Now is the time to kick up the caloric exertion. If you already exercise, then maybe it is a good time to get a trainer for a couple of months to show you something new, or push you a little harder. It is better to do it now rather than wait until January after you've already added weight. It is easier to keep the weight off than to try to lose it after gaining. If you don't exercise, then get out for a daily walk, or take a class at a gym or community center.
If you are going to make some bad food choices and indulge at a party, then make sure you eat healthy for as much of the weeks prior and after that you can. The day of the even stick to healthy veggies and lean protein so that you get your daily needed intake. Drink water when you first arrive to a restaurant or party so that you won't over indulge. The water will help fill you. Also, at a restaurant order a healthy soup or salad first to help fill you before heavy entree's or desserts.
The biggest concern I have for everyone is to please not drink too much, especially if you are driving. Alcohol calories quickly add up and alcohol quickly impairs our abilities. Drink water between each alcoholic beverage. If you ned to look like you have a drink, or a simple soda or shirley temple so you can look like you are drinking, or even non-alcoholic beer.
Enjoy the Holidays and the food responsibly with plenty of exercise and rest and you can stay away from those dreaded pounds that you will be crying over in the spring. Of course, if you find yourself with those pounds call me and I can set up a training program for you privately or with a group.
Stay Healthy

Laura Fortino
Bella Body & Mind of Huntington Beach