Saturday, March 21, 2009

We can end this recession, we have the power

Hi Everyone, or for you Italians- Ciao Tutti,

In today's tough times we have to learn a new way of thinking, perceiving and doing.  I think that is why life coaches are so much more in demand.  The world and the economy are telling us that it is time to change.  I know many people have heard or believe "people don't change."  I'm hear to say people do change and should embrace change.  

When we get stuck in old ways of doing things and we can not see any other alternative, then we have no choices when the old ways become obsolete.  We must grow and evolve as a society.  The past proves that.  Just look at how much change we have gone through over the centuries.  Well, it doesn't stop just because we have become a high functioning, wealthy society.  We must continue to change.  There is always room to move.  Now it is imperative.

As a Life Coach, I teach people how to broaden their perspectives, how to find other choices and how to be pro-active actors instead of reactionary reactors in their lives.  We don't need to re-act to what the news or other people say or think.  We can choose to have our own thoughts and solutions to life's problems.  You can start by taking advantage of many good prices and specials out there.  If you still have a decent income or still have your job, help the economy and don't feel guilty about choosing to buy some really good prices products and services.  If you are not doing so well financially, then see if you can get what you need in trade.  Barter with someone.  There are so many possibilities.  They exist, even if we don't see them.  

If you need help seeing the positives and possibilities in today's world, call me and lets have a consultation.

Have a beautiful day.
In much abundance

Laura Fortino
Bella Body & Mind of Huntington Beach