Sunday, September 20, 2009

Exercise and sleep

As always, the news is always coming up with some statics about something. One such statistic I heard lately was that some people studied said that exercise actually made them not sleep as much. Well that would be true if someone is sleeping too much. Exercise, then would be providing needed energy to a persons life, there by causing them to sleep less hours. However, I have only found very positive accounts about exercise and sleep for the average person.

Usually, a self-starter, easily motivated and energetic person is going to exercise on their own volition. These people who already have a lot of energy will find that exercise will help to burn off some of that energy, it will increase seratonin and melatonin which all will allow the individual to experience better sleep.

People who are not motivated to exercise may already have a much lower energy level which causes them to have a more sedentary life which will often lead to much more sleeping time, but not necessarily good sleep. With the onset of exercise, these people can experience a lessened need for the amount of sleep, but should still acheive better sleep during their 7 to 8 hours that is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.

The bottom line is exercise affects sleep in a positve way and is one of the many reasons people should exercise.

Have a fabulous day all, and if you need to lose weight, try to take out 100 calories from your diet everyday over the next month and see what happens :-)

Laura Fortino
Bella Body & Mind of Huntington Beach

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