Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well Hello Everybody. So sorry to be gone so long, but I got married on July 31st and I just had way to much to do! I'm back now and I am a little upset at the media trying to "stir things up" about exercise.

Has everyone read the Time Magazine article about exercise? If you haven't, you may have heard on TV all the crazy reports about exercise not causing people to lose weight. Now, I agree that the only way to lose weight is to eat less calories than you burn. That is the bottom line and the big secret. However, how are we going to burn those calories, not by sitting at our computers. We need to get up and move around and exercising is a great way to burn more calories.

The real key here is to understand that your body burns calories all the time, even while sleeping. Calories are the energy we use to do everything we do. Therefore, the more you do, the more effort you use, the harder you work and the longer you work, the more calories you burn. The problem for a lot of people and this formula is that when they work harder and longer, they are hungrier and they eat more. This does not mean exercise doesn't help you lose weight, it means people are still over eating. Consuming more calories than they burn off. It seems to me then, that the reason people don't lose weight is they eat more.

There are no ways around it. No products, no special weight loss pills, no supplements, no fad diets, nothing that is going to change the hard line facts that to lose weight we must put out more energy and eat less. Exercise, therefore, is a great way to burn a few extra calories. After you get adjusted to your new routine and your food in-take, the major hunger pangs will subside and you will be able to burn fat while exercising and not leave the gym and put the calories back in by taking a trip to a restaurant or store on the way home.

It would be great if there was a quick fix or an easy way to lose weight. There isn't, there is only one way and that is why a good personal trainer can take you through sessions which are geared to burning calories, but also increasing muscle mass. Why is that important? Simply because a muscular body burns more calories all the time than a fat body or even a thin body with no muscle mass. Muscles require much more energy to move and when you add muscle you change the toneness of your body, the shapliness of your body and the efficiency of your body and your heart.

Exercise is good for you in so many ways. Exercise is linked to prolonged life, less risk of heart disease and cancer, better sleep habits, and less depression. With a trainer like me, I can help you plan your diet so that you stay within your calories, eat food that will make you healthier & happier, food that will fill you and you will see weight loss, but you have to want to go through the hard part of making changes. In the end, if you dedicate enough time to your goal you will reach it and exercise will be a key part in your weight loss. You don't put on 10,20,30, 50, etc pounds in a couple of weeks or a month, so taking it off will also take longer than a month.

Dedicating the time and yourself to the process will make you feel better, be stronger and look better all at the same time. There is no myth. You need to burn more calories than you eat, adding exercise to your life can help you do that, as long as you don't add more calories in the process.

I wish you all luck. Contact me through my website and get started today. If you are not local, I do diet coaching and planning through skype and e-mail as well as Life Coaching.

Laura Fortino
Bella Body & Mind of Huntington Beach

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