Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Health and Wellness, Empowerment Speech

Hello everyone!
I think one of the best things that have come about in the past few years is that people really seem to be getting more in tune with the need to find balance in life and to live healthy so we can "live long and prosper"  Truly Spock never knew the power of his words!  

It really is true that as people we can learn to find a wonderful balance and to understand balance so that when those in-evadable days come along where we slip out of balance, we have tools and a desire to find our way back.  My perspective on balance and learning to balance has completely changed my life, and I believe will keep me healthier and happier longer.  It saddens me to see older people in failing health and having no real understanding of spirituality or faith, only religion.  I wish for all of us in the next few generations to surpass so many of these health issues by taking care of our bodies and minds now.

Join me in changing ourselves and thereby changing the world.  Get tuned in to your health physically, mentally, and spiritually and make a real change.  

My speech this weekend is for young women who need help and encouragement.  I hope to help their generation learn these key life  giving practices now!

Laura Fortino
Bella Body & Mind of Huntington Beach

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